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Vegarol 1214 Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Vegarol 1214 SDS (PDF)
Vegarol 1216 Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Vegarol 1216 SDS (PDF)
Vegarol 1218 Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Vegarol 1218 MSDS (PDF)
Vegarol 1698 Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Vegarol 1698 SDS (PDF)
Vegarol 1618 TA Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Vegarol 1618 TA SDS (PDF)
Vegarol 1618 50:50 Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Vegarol 1618 50:50 SDS (PDF)
Vegarol 1618 PS Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Vegarol 1618 PS SDS (PDF)
Vegarol 1898 Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Vegarol 1898 SDS (PDF)
Vegarol 1822 Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Vegarol 1822 SDS (PDF)
Vegarol 18 DO Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Vegarol 18 DO SDS (PDF)
Vegarol 22 70 Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Vegarol 22 70 SDS (PDF)
Vegarol 22 80 Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Vegarol 22 80 SDS (PDF)
Vegarol 22 90 Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Vegarol 22 90 MSDS (PDF)
Fatty Acids
Behenic Acid Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Behenic Acid SDS (PDF)
Caprylic Acid Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Caprylic Acid SDS (PDF)
Capric Acid Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Capric Acid SDS (PDF)
Caprylic - Capric Acid Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Caprylic - Capric Acid SDS (PDF)
Erucic Acid Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Erucic Acid SDS (PDF)
Lauric Acid MSDS (PDF)
Lauric - Myristic Acid Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Lauric - Myristic Acid SDS (PDF)
Myristic Acid MSDS (PDF)
Oleic Acid Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Oleic Acid SDS (PDF)
Palmitic Acid Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Palmitic Acid SDS (PDF)
Stearic (90%) Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Stearic (90%) SDS (PDF)
Stearic Acid (DTP-CT) Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Stearic Acid (DTP-7) Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Stearic Acid (P-12) Product Data Sheet (PDF)
P - 12 MSDS (PDF)
Whole Cut - Split Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Whole Cut - Split MSDS (PDF)
Whole Cut - Distilled Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Whole Cut - Distilled MSDS (PDF)
Stripped Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Stripped MSDS (PDF)
Blended Cut - Distilled Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Blended Cut - Distilled MSDS (PDF)
Kosher Glycerin, USP Product Data Sheet (PDF)
Kosher Glycerin, USP MSDS (PDF)
USP Glycerin Product Data Sheet (PDF)
USP Glycerin MSDS (PDF)
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::  Vision and Values  ::




To be a world-renowned provider of quality personal care products and oleochemicals, delivering superior value to our customers.

VALUES: The essence of a company's values form an integral part in contributing to its success.  The moral excellence of an organization is based on every individual's virtues and at VVF we work as a team to sustain this belief.



Our core guiding principles of:



ensuring a fair and transparent work environment



of our dedicated workforce



and compassion towards our community and environment are embedded in all our practices, resulting in highly motivated employees and satisfied business associates and customers.



VVF takes great pride in abiding by its values to promote individual and collective well being.  Our constant search for excellence in the fields of performance, productivity, innovation, flexibility and commitment contributes towards a foundation for future growth and long-term sustainability.  Our determination to stay true to our values makes us what we are today.






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